Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre

Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre is undoubtedly one of the best attractions in the Kuching area. It is also a sister centre to Matang Wildlife Centre in so much as they are up to full capacity with Orangutan and other primates, over the last two months since January 08 we have taken several of their animals, the plan is only Orangutan will stay at Semenggogh and even some of them will come to Matang to make way for the youngsters that are being born there. They have at present 23 Orangutan and the centre offers the opportunity of getting close to some highly mischievous Orangutan.


The Semi-wild Orang utans are good timekeepers and as feeding time

approaches they start to make an appearance. They descend from the trees of the surrounding forest reserve to offer visitors a unique wildlife experience and some excellent photo opportunities. They often make their way to the lower branches and small trees, which surround the various Orang Utan enclosures, the very same cages, where they used to stay before graduating to the forest. Here, they play with each other, swing about in the hanging vines and occasionally descend to ground level to ‘charge’ groups of tourits


The Orangutan appear at the feeding platform where they are called over by the keepers it is quite a sight to see a large male Orangutan perhaps weighng 150kgs swing through the trees, and also to see the females and youngsters waiting their turn. They also come down to the visitors centre especially Richie a large dominant male who is often seem around the centre aiting for his food.

Semenngoggh has been very succesful in its rehabilitation programme and when it is the fruiting season the Orangutans will often not appear, as long as they have additional food when it is scarce they remain unseen unless you to see one whilst on a trek around the centre which is very likely. it also proves that they are not dependant on human contact as the only time they appear is when food is scarce.


2 Responses to “Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre”

  1. Ken Stokes Says:

    Whilst visiting Matang in 2006, mywife and I had the pleasure of meeting Doris. and enjoyed a very special time with her. At that time she was a sad and lonely orangutan in a very small enclosure who not only wanted my attention but also to share her sweet potato, and eventually broke it in half, one for me and one for her. She has been constantly on my mind, and what a relief it was to find her on this web site. Hopefully I will be able to return to Matang and see a much happier Doris. Ken and Jeannette Stokes, Adelaide South Australia

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ken, My partner and I were in Matang in January and have some wonderful photos of Doris, I would say she is very far from being sad and lonely, she is a real character and it was wonderful to see her interaction with the other orangutans……..especially our “newly adopted baby” Ali, he was not at all healthy when he was handed over and now looking really great.
    We look forward to going back to Matang and Semanggoh and see how they are all faring in the future.
    Robyn Isaacs & Gerry Foster, Gold Coast, Queensland.
    Sept 2, 2011.

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